Barefoot Sneakers - Be Lenka Stride - All White

129 €

Our new sock sneakers will make every step feel lighter and more effortless. Be Lenka Stride barefoot sneakers complement a minimalist collection suitable even for hot days. They are characterized by an extremely light weight and amazing ActiveGrip, which ensures even better contact with the surface. You can easily combine these white knitted barefoot sneakers with your favourite outfit. Stitched sole for durability.

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Barefoot footwear attributes

Zero Drop Zero Drop
Wide Toe Box Wide Toe Box
Light weight Light weight
Flexible sole Flexible sole

Customer Reviews

Average rating based on 10 reviews

4.8 of 5 stars


Felix Verified customer

It feels amazing and comfortable!

The insoles are not going to tire these feet anytime soon, and I find that the shoe holds the feet snug but not too tight at all. One can adjust the level of tightness to their comfort.

I'd be willing to shop for more if I had more in my own budget.

No cons yet.

Keep at it Be Lenka!



Michael Verified customer

Schmiegt sich dem Fuß wie eine zweite Haut an. Sehr angenehm zu tragen.



Ursula Verified customer

Die Schuhe sind sehr bequem. Das Material ist leicht dehnbar somit lässt sich der Schuh, auch bei breiten Füßen mit hohem Rist, sehr gut an- und ausziehen. Das Bündchen ist angenehm. Es gibt guten halt, ist aber nicht zu eng.
Bin sehr zufrieden.



Katka Verified customer

Dakujem za radu, vyskusala som, zial, vrzganie pokracuje aj po pravidelnom suseni stielky 😔


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Dobrý deň, ďakujeme za Vašu spätnú väzbu. Ak problém - vźganie topánok pokračuje, kontaktujte, prosím náš zákaznícky servis S pozdravom Be Lenka Team



Katarína Verified customer

Pohodlne, super lahke, mam len 1 problem. Topanky pri chodzi hrozne vrždia, vie niekto co s tym?


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Dobrý deň, ďakujeme za Vašu spätnú väzbu. "Vŕzganie" topánok môže byť spôsobené vlhkou (spotenou) stielkou, ktorá sa odiera o vnútro topánky. Po každom nosení odporúčame stielku vybrať a topánky a stielku nechať voľne vysušiť. S pozdravom Be Lenka Team


Description & Specifications

Upper: Textile / Microfiber
Lining: Textile
Sole: Be Lenka - ActiveGrip
Insole: Recycled PU + Terrycloth (Removable)
Made in Slovakia

  • Ultra shoes for active movement even in the hottest months
  • Easy to put on with the option of tightening the shoes with laces
  • Ideal footwear for lovers of a sporty style for everyday wandering
  • ActiveGrip sole with novel design, fantastic flexibility, and durability (sewn sole prolongs the lifespan of the shoes)
  • Insole made of natural cellulose fibre with excellent absorption
  • Heel loop allows for easy attachment to a backpack
  • The new TR blend is characterized by excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining excellent flexibility.
  • Practical loop allows for easy attachment to a backpack
  • Stitched sole for durability

Barefoot footwear attributes:

  • Wide foot-shaped toe box offers ample space for the toes to wiggle
  • Zero drop (sole with no difference in height from heel to toe) helps maintain correct body alignment and supports natural gait
  • Thin sole (4mm without lugs) stimulates foot nerve endings & provides an excellent ground feel
  • Flexible upper & sole allow your feet to move and flex naturally ensuring better muscle and tendon function.
  • Lightweight design prevents foot fatigue

Type: Walking shoes

Size chart

Size Width Length
36 9,5 23,1
37 9,7 23,7
38 9,9 24,4
39 10,1 25,1
40 10,3 25,7
41 10,5 26,4
42 10,8 27,4
43 11,0 28,0
44 11,2 28,7
45 11,4 29,4
46 11,6 30,0
47 11,8 30,7

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

When choosing the size of shoes, it is necessary to consider other aspects in addition to the shoe size chart (foot physiology - shape, toe width, instep, and others) that can have an impact on how the shoe will fit your foot.

How to measure your foot correctly?

  • Place a blank A4-sized paper on a flat, smooth and even surface.
  • Step onto the paper with all your weight on the leg.
  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the heel and the farthest point from the heel (beware, it may not always be the big toe)
  • Measure the distance between these two points on feet with a ruler (the difference can be ± 0.5 cm)
  • The number obtained is the length of the foot
  • Add an extra 0.5-1.2 cm (ideal leeway) to the length of the foot, and you will get the ideal size of your shoe.
  • Find your shoe size per the above measurements by referring to the size chart for each product on our website.
  • The size chart indicates the inner length and width of our barefoot shoes in centimetres.

Important note

  • Our size charts may not correlate with other brands. Hence we recommend following the above steps to determine your correct Be Lenka barefoot shoe size.

How to choose correct size of barefoot shoes?


How to clean & waterproof leather barefoot boots

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